Transgender People and the Church's Transformative Mission
The Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge, Episcopal Chaplain at Boston University and a lecturer at Harvard University, provides a theologial perspective on full inclusion of transgender people. More>>

Anglicans, Sexuality and Scripture:  An African Consultation
In October, some 25 Anglican leaders from across Africa gathered with more than a dozen Episcopalians from the United States for a consultation on issues of justice and human sexuality. Download our publication and learn more. More>>

The Genius of Anglicanism: Perspectives on the Proposed Anglican Covenant
The Chicago Consultation has released a collection of eight essays and study questions on the proposed Anglican Covenant. More>>

Christian Holiness and Human Sexuality:  A Study Guide
The Chicago Consultation's study guide has been updated with a new essay by Dean Emeritus of Cape Town Rowan Smith and published by Church Publishing.

God's Call and Our Response 
On January 25, The Chicago Consultation released this theological resource on the Episcopal Church's process for consenting to newly elected bishops. More>>

We Will, With God's Help on Homosexuality, Ethics and the Church
This collection of essays is based on papers given at the February 2009 meeting of the Chicago Consultation...

Anglican Theological Review on Homosexuality, Ethics and the Church
This issue is centered around the last essay of eminent scholar Richard Norris, titled "Some Notes on the Current Debate Regarding Homosexuality and the Place of Homosexuals in the Church."...

Shaking the Foundations

The Church is a school for Kingdom-heralds. The Church is charged with responsibility for Christian education that grows us up in the knowledge and love of God and sends us out for word-and-deed proclamation of God’s love for a broken and divided world....

The Chicago Consultation, a group of Episcopal and Anglican bishops, clergy and lay people, supports the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians in the Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion. We believe that our baptismal covenant requires this.

Supporting the Chicago Consultation
The Chicago Consultation gratefully accepts contributions from individuals, parishes, dioceses and organizations that support our work. To
contribute online with a credit card through our fiscal agent, the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, please make your contribution here. To contribute by mail, please send a check made payable to the Chicago Consultation to Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, 65 E. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611.

Chicago Consultation:  Nigerian, Ugandan Archbishops Err in Supporting Anti-Gay Legislation

Kenya Consultation:  African Anglicans and Episcopalians Meet to Discuss Sexuality and Scripture

Chicago Consultation on Justin Welby's Appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury

Chicago Consultation on Archbishop of Canterbury's Retirement

Chicago Consultation Partners with Ujamaa Centre on Consultation in South Africa

Chicago Consultation Thanks Primates for Decrying Anti-Gay Violence

Chicago Consultation Hopes Archbishop's Statement Signals New Course on LGBT Issues

Chicago Consultation Praises Bishop Gene Robinson

Chicago Consultation Applauds Bishops; Anticipates Glasspool Consecration with Joy

Chicago Consultation Rejoices at Consents for Bishop-Elect Glasspool

God's Call and Our Response, New Publication on the Consent Process, Released

Chicago Consultation Asks Archbishop to Reconsider Statement and Silence

Chicago Consultation Celebrates Election of the Rev. Mary Glasspool

Chicago Consultation Asks Anglican Leaders to Oppose Ugandan Anti-Gay Legislation

Chicago Consultation Responds to Archbishop of Canterbury's Reflections

Chicago Consultation Statement on the 76th General Convention

Dr. Jenny Plane Te-Paa's Remarks to the House of Deputies

Chicago Consultation Responds to Theology Panel Names
Establishing a common rite will enrich further theological study...

New Theological Publication Examines Baptism, Sexuality and the Anglican Communion
We Will, With God’s Help contains essays based on three theological papers given at the Chicago Consultation’s February 2009 meeting.

Chicago Consultation Calls on House of Bishops Theology Committee To Release Names
As theologians, priests, bishops and laypeople from across the Episcopal Church, we call upon the House of Bishops Theology Committee to release at once the names of those serving on the panel it has appointed to study same-sex relationships. 

Voices of Witness Africa Helps Church Keep Commitment to Listen
A new half-hour documentary film, Voices of Witness Africa, interviews gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Africans about their lives and their relationships with God and the church.

Going Forward, Going Together:  Chicago Consultation Urges Deeper Communion Through Justice, Mission
The Chicago Consultation released this statement from its co-convener Ruth Meyers in response to the Anglican Consultative Council’s affirmation of the recommendations made by the Windsor Continuation Group and its decision to postpone the release of the Anglican Covenant for consideration by provinces.

Response to Anglican Communion Institute Statement
"The Chicago Consultation is saddened and dismayed to learn that our brothers and sisters in Christ who are members of the Anglican Communion Institute seek to abandon the historical polity of the Episcopal Church and provide support to lawsuits that drain the church’s resources for mission and spirit for ministry..."

Chicago Consultation February Meeting Statement
"We call upon the deputies and bishops who will assemble in Anaheim to act so that all of God’s children in the Episcopal Church can realize the full promise of their baptism..."

Chicago Consultation Rejects False Choice
"Christ calls us to practice both compassion and justice. We reject the false choice suggested by the Primates' communique..."
Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy
Opponents of gay marriage often cite Scripture. But what the Bible teaches about love argues for the other side. by Lisa Miller in Newsweek
Commentary:  The Archbishop's Hands are Tied, Not Ours
by Jim Naughton in the Guardian
Get to know the Chicago Consultation and why it believes homophobia is "a sin whose end time is now."

Anglican, sexuality and the Bible:  an African consultation

The Meaning of Marriage:  The Story of Carl and Dave. A video from the Chicago Consultation about love, commitment, and HIV/AIDS.

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