Sexuality & Scripture

Since its inception, the Chicago Consultation has produced and collected resources that make the case, scripturally and theologically, for the full inclusion of all baptized Christians in the life and leadership of the Church:

U. S. Episcopalians and African Anglicans Explore What the Bible Says About Sexuality

November 2017: “On Sexuality and Scripture” includes scholarly essays, Bible studies and personal reflections In 2011, at the height of divisions in the Anglican Communion over same-sex relationships, a group […]

Transgender People and the Church’s Transformative Mission

June 2012:  by the Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge | The 2009 General Convention of The Episcopal Church is justly known for its landmark passage of resolutions (D025& and C056) that […]

Anglicans, Sexuality and Scripture: An African Consultation

October 2011:  In October 2011, some 25 Anglican leaders from across Africa gathered with more than a dozen Episcopalians from the United States for a consultation on issues of justice […]

At the Table of God’s Delight

October 2011:  by the Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee | Bishop Lee of of Chicago gave this presentation at the Chicago Consultation/Ujamaa Centre consultation in Durban, South Africa: It is […]

The complexities and opportunities of using the Bible in discussions of sexuality: An African perspective

October 2011:  by Dr. Masiiwa Ragies Gunda | A paper given at the 2011 Chicago Consultation/Ujamaa Centre Consultation on Sexuality in Durban, South Africa Today, (Wednesday 12/10/2011) our third day since […]

Bearing with One Another in Love

October 2011:  by Professor Stephen Fowl | The book of Acts repeatedly illustrates that in times of conflict the body of Christ grows as believers offer testimony to, for and […]

The Genius of Anglicanism: Perspectives on the Proposed Anglican Covenant

April 2011: The Chicago Consultation released a collection of eight essays and study questions on the proposed Anglican Covenant. Download “The Genius of Anglicanism” in pdf format. Table of Contents Introduction Jane […]

Christian Holiness and Human Sexuality

March 2011:  “Christian Holiness & Human Sexuality,” a publication of the Chicago Consultation edited by Ruth Meyers and Gary Hall, is a study guide for Episcopalians who want to understand how […]

Reading the Texts of Terror: What Does the Bible Really Say About Homosexuality?

December 2010:  by the Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson | For On Faith, Bishop Gene Robinson wrote a five-part series examining the Biblical texts traditionally used to address the issue of […]

God’s Call and Our Response

January 2010:  The Chicago Consultation’s publication “God’s Call and Our Response,” considers theological and historical perspectives on the Episcopal Church’s process of electing and consenting to bishops. The essays are […]