Sexuality & Scripture

Christian Holiness and Human Sexuality

March 2011:  “Christian Holiness & Human Sexuality,” a publication of the Chicago Consultation edited by Ruth Meyers and Gary Hall, is a study guide for Episcopalians who want to understand how all Christian people can exercise their baptismal vocation in the fullness of their sexual identity. This short booklet attempts to frame the discussion in a way different from how it has been addressed in many of the debates in our church and culture: How can we as Christians combine sexual expression with Christian holiness? Looked at afresh, what guidance do the Christian biblical, historical, theological, ethical, and liturgical traditions give us in answer to this question?

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1 Scripture and Marriage by Katherine Grieb
2 Scripture: Sexuality and Sexual Orientation by Wil Gafney
3 Arguments from Tradition by Marilyn McCord Adams
4 E thics and Moral Theology by Ellen K. Wondra
5 Ritual Considerations in Same-Sex Marriage by Louis Weil
6 Ramifications by Rowan Smith